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City of Adelaide [South Australia] Assessment Book, Nov 1846
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In Progress
The City Council Assessment Books have a wealth of information that has not previously been easily accessible in relation occupiers and owners of buildings.

At the conclusion the indexes will be made publicly available.
This is a fairly simple transcription exercise, however there are a few things to keep in mind.

1) Enter exactly as documented. Do not correct spelling etc.
2) Where a property is occupied or owned by a business or trust, enter this in the appropriate SURNAME field
3) Where a name has been crossed out, this means that the occupier, leaseholder or owner changed between the 2 assessments carried out each year. Enter both sets of details on seperate lines.
4) Where the assessor has entered "ditto" or similar, find the details that the "ditto" relates to and enter them.
5) Where more than one person is listed as an owner, leaseholder or occupier, enter each name as a seperate line and make a note ate the end (eg "Co-owned J. Smith" or "Co-occupied J.Smith)
6) Use only one input line per assessment, even if the description appears to go over multiple ruled lines. In that case, just enter the entire description as a single sentence.
German-Australian Genealogy and History Alliance
This project is available to all indexers, not just those in the group.
Land Tax Assessment Registers
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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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