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IGRA 1963 Telelphone Book Eng Tel-Aviv Letter H
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Another project completed for IGRA. Many thanks to our volunteers: Barbara Ellman, Matthew Karp, Eric Mack, Irv Cantor, Ingrid Rockberger, and Shlomi Popper that transcribed more than 2,530 records. Very soon you will be able to search this database at
This is the English version of the telephone book for Israel. It has two volumes: volume two contains Tel-Aviv and various smaller towns and settlements such as Ashdod, Azor, Gedera, Herzliyya, Kefar Saba, Kefar Yavne, Nes Tziyyona, Petah Tikva, Kiryat Ono, Kiryat Malachi, Ramla, Rehovot, Rishon Leziyyon, Savyon, Tel Mond, and volume one contains the rest of the country.
The scans are divided according to columns appearing in the page. If the phone is listed as a private phone, you will have the following information: surname, given name, title, occupation (or profession), address, event place (town or neighborhood), telephone. In some cases the person may have two addresses or more than one phone. In these instances you have to repeat the name of the person on each line. When the telephone number can only be partially seen, type what can be seen. Ignore typing any parentheses, just type the text in the parenthesis.
If the listing is for a husband and wife, fill out a separate line for each one of them.
If the listing is for a company, type the name of the company in "business name" field. Some ads have both the name of the company and the names of personnel. Both should be included in the line. If there is more than one person listed for the company, then the name of the company should be repeated on the line for each listing of a worker. Sometimes there are ads that are wider than one column. If you cannot see at least part of the relevant information, type the word AD and the information will be added at the proofing stage. If there is information you are not quite sure which field to transcribe it in, put it in the field of "Remarks/Comments". Government offices, banks, hospitals, and schools will not be included unless they include the names of the people working there.
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