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South Side Hebrew Congregation Burial Records
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South Side Hebrew Congregation, Ohave Emunah, and Etz Chaim Congregations Burial Records from Waldheim Gate 44 Mt. Nebo Cemetery
Project Instructions:
*Enter surnames in UPPER case. If illegible, enter ????
*Enter given names in lower case. If illegible, enter ????
*Enter death date as MM-DD-YYYY. For example: 01-25-1975. If any part of the date is missing or illegible, simply enter ????.
*Enter Cemetery Section only with numerals and commas, with a space after each comma.. For example, enter 6, 3, 4 if the card says Section 6, Lot 3, Grave 4. If illegible, enter ????
*Enter any other information that might be on the card in the Remarks/Comments column, but do NOT enter phone numbers or addresses for privacy reasons. While private info is not being indexed, once JGSI posts the card images online, researchers will be able to see everything on the card.
*If multiple names appear on a card because more than one person is buried in same plot, you can enter each name, one below the other.using multiple lines on the screen. REMEMBER to repeat all the burial info in all the fields for each name.
*Use the menu of small purple boxes in upper left of screen to make indexing easier. For example, you can eliminate the red toggle line, or enlarge or rotate the card image.
*Only one card can be indexed at a time. When you finish indexing a card, click "Submit Transcription" in upper right. Then on next screen, click "I'm ready to index another."
Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois
Burial Records
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Cook County
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