CSI: Crowd Sourced Indexing

Crowd Sourced Indexing: Frequently Asked Questions

CSI: Crowd Sourced Indexing was written by Banai Lynn Feldstein. Banai has a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University in Computer Science, where she focused on programming. She has been a web developer since that time. She is also a professional genealogist.

Each organization is in control of its own transcriptions. They can place the data on a public or private web site.

The short answer is that Banai's best friend told her to write it.

Though previously involved in several indexing projects, she did not realize that a program for small organizations to manage such projects did not exist. Her friend, the administrator of a multi-year indexing project, was looking for a better way to run things for the next projects he had in mind.

Additional inspiration came from Reclaim the Records, an organization dedicated to obtaining indexes and records using the Freedom of Infomation rules in various municipalities. Reclaim the Records, run by another friend of Banai's, makes the records available to everyone for free. But many people are curious, who is indexing them?

Certainly! Banai does web site development as Great Bird Enterprises. She specializes in custom programming and can use WordPress or Bootstrap to create your custom web site.

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